Static pitch street trading licences

You need a licence to trade on the public highway, including the pavement or any other area (not within a permanently enclosed premises) that is within seven meters of any road or footway.

Street trading is the selling, offering or exposing for sale of any item or service in the street. This includes traditional street trading pitches on the public highway, eg a pitch to sell fruit and vegetables or a static burger van.

In order to begin the process of licensing any new static pitches we will require you to submit a street trading proposal before moving on to make a licence application.

Street trading proposal

If you would like to set up a catering van / stall on the public highway, you need to submit a business proposal outlining exactly what you want to do.

The proposal must include details of the following:

  • photographs of the van/stall you will be trading from
  • map/photo of the area you will be trading in
  • details of how you will manage noise nuisance and rubbish collections
  • Public Liability insurance details and any other details you feel would support the application
  • confirmation that you have obtained permission from the Highways department for a drop kerb to allow access for the vehicle

Once we have received the proposal, it will be passed to our licensing officers who will decide if the area is suitable for the type of street trading you wish to offer.

If approved, it will then be passed to management for the final sign off after which we will send you an application form to complete to apply for a 6 month Temporary Street Trading Licence.