Street trading licensing enforcement

All licences issued for street trading require the licence holder to uphold the following licence objectives:

  • Preventing crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour
  • Avoiding public nuisance
  • Protecting public safety
  • Preventing obstruction of the highway
  • Complementing the location and hours of neighbouring business activity

A licence holder is trading illegally if they have a time-expired licence, or on a day or at a time or place other than that stated in their licence.

Officers can issue warnings, seize goods with a view to permanent retention and disposal, and prosecute offenders under the powers granted by the London Local Authorities Act 1990 (as amended).

You can contact the Licensing Team if you want to complain about a trader that you believe is trading without the required licence or is not complying with the licence (and its conditions) that they have been granted.

You can send your comments using the following contact details:

  • by post to the Licensing Team, Commercial Premises, 2 Bristol Avenue, London, NW9 4EW. 
  • By calling us on 020 8359 7443, or
  • By emailing us at