The BarNET ZERO pledge

Barnet aims to achieve net zero carbon as a Council by 2030, and as a borough by 2042. But we can’t do this alone and need everyone in the borough to work with us. With over 25,000 registered enterprises in the borough, businesses play a significant role in our net zero goals. The industry and commercial sector represented 12% of Barnet’s total CO2 emissions in 2021.

The BarNET ZERO business pledge is a way for businesses, charities, and community organisations to make a public commitment to do their part in tackling climate change and becoming more sustainable. Businesses can contribute significantly and make a real difference by examining various aspects of their operations. This includes looking at building operations, sourcing materials, waste generation, packaging goods, to influencing the behaviour of suppliers, staff and customers.

By signing the pledge, you’ll: 

  • become part of a major council led campaign
  • take a public facing stance on climate change that your suppliers, customers and staff recognise
  • save your business money by reducing your energy and operational costs 
  • appear on Barnet’s website, social media and feature in our newsletters
  • display a pledge badge in your premises and get a digital version for your website 
  • get advance notice of events, funding and training opportunities for you and your staff to go further on tackling climate change
  • join a green economy network of like-minded businesses sharing experience and practical tips

How to get involved

To sign the pledge, you need to commit to at least two of the five themes:

  1. Supply chain and customers
  2. Buildings
  3. Transport
  4. Energy
  5. Biodiversity and natural environment

By signing the pledge, you are pledging to reduce your carbon footprint and join us on our journey to net zero. Any organisation operating in Barnet can sign up – big or small, high street or home-based, charities or for-profits, commercial landlords or tenants.

Sign the pledge here