About supported lodgings

There are a variety of accommodation options available for a young person leaving care. Some may return home or live with friends or on their own, while others move to supported accommodation.

Supported Lodgings Hosts are approved individuals/families who provide a stepping stone for young people who are 16+ and have been in the care of the local authority. It allows young people to continue to develop their independence skills in a supportive, family environment. 

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What is a supported lodgings host

A Supported Lodgings Host offers guidance and support to young people aged 16-24 years old who are unable to live with their families. This will help them become more independent. 

You will have the opportunity to offer them:

  • a supportive environment within a safe place
  • emotional support to become confident young adults
  • life skills to become independent.

We provide our hosts with a package including allowances, training and support.

What do Supported Lodgings Hosts do? 

Supported Lodgings Hosts are a bit like landlords / landladies offering a room in their home. They will supply a room, breakfast and evening meal and will work with the young person to help develop skills like, cooking and budgeting. 

What kind of accommodation is needed?  

The young person will need their own room with a bed and storage for clothing and other possessions. They will need access to the kitchen, bathroom, and the living rooms, although these can be shared with other members of the household. 
The young person should feel “at home” in the accommodation.   

Placement information   

Most placements are expected to last from six months to two years

When the young person moves on to live independently, you may want to support them through this transition before taking in another young person. Or, you may be in a position to accommodate someone new into your home.

Support during this transition is available.

Support and guidance 

Support requirements will vary between young people. It is useful to keep in mind that the long-term aim of support is to enable and prepare them for independent living. As a Supported Lodgings Host, you will work with Barnet Family Services in the best interests of the young person.

The young person will have a Social Worker or a Personal Adviser from Family Services. This worker will make appointments to meet the young person regularly. 

As a Supported Lodgings Host, you will have a Supervising Social Worker to support you and to answer any queries you may have. They will ensure that training and learning opportunities are made available to you. 

Financial arrangements 

You will receive an allowance of £250 per week. Part of this will come from the Housing Benefit received by the young person.

The young person placed with you will also pay you £20.00 per week towards food and bills. This payment will reflect the cost of accommodating and supporting a young person. 

The need for Supported Lodgings is significant in Barnet but we cannot always guarantee placements, so it may not be appropriate to rely on income from the provision of accommodation.