Supporting your health and wellbeing

We provide information, advice and support for people who:

  • want to stay well and independent
  • have a physical and/or sensory impairment
  • have a learning disability and learning difficulties
  • have mental health support needs
  • are over 65 years and are struggling
  • care for a friend or relative
  • need support to keep people safe

How we do this

We keep people safe

If you or an adult you know feels unsafe or is at risk, we can address these concerns.

Report a concern and keep safe in your home or community

We help you stay connected and well

You can find information, advice and support to help you keep well, maintain your independence and live life the way you want here. You can also find out how to stay in your own home for longer

We provide information and advice

This section provides lots of information and advice about how to maintain your independence and wellbeing, but if you need further support, you can have a conversation with us about your care and support needs

We work with you to improve how we do things   

We welcome comments and work with residents to shape and improve adult social care and health services for everyone

We support social care providers 

We commission and support social care providers and can help you engage with people who use your services

Adult Social Care in Barnet

Our aim in Barnet is to care for people through listening to and working with residents and communities.

Adult Social Care is a big part of this. In Barnet, thousands of residents were supported by Adult Social Care 2022 to 2023.

We help people get back on their feet after a hospital stay, live an independent life, and keep safe.

Adult Social Care in Barnet (PDF, 423 KB)

Who we support

During 2022 to 2023, we supported:

  • 4,185 people with care in their own homes
  • 2,110 carers
  • 1,080 people received a direct payment to arrange their own care and support at home
  • 2,240 people to return home with care after a period of stay in hospital
  • 1,260 people in care homes
  • 659 people received care and support services in supported living accommodation
  • we worked to ensure 1,395 individuals were kept safe through safeguarding activities
  • 63,254 people with their wellbeing and access to information and advice by council funded community and voluntary sector organisations
  • 740 people were involved in our engagement and co-production work, to help shape our services

How did we do?

  • 88.2% of people who use services say those services make them feel safe and secure, 4th best in our Peer Group*
  • 87.9% of people are satisfied with their care and support, 4th best in our Peer Group*
  • 81.9% of people who use services say they have control over their daily life, 1st in our Peer Group*
  • 78.6% of people became more or completely independent after receiving short term support*
  • 22.3% of people supported are receiving a direct payment and make their own arrangements to receive support they need in their own homes*

*ASCOF Analysis 2022-3

Your views

After receiving Adult Social Care:

  • 98% of survey respondents agreed that the practitioner ‘treated me with respect and as an individual’**
  • 97% agreed ‘I was part of planning my care and support in a way that makes sense to me’**
  • 96% agreed ‘I was given information that is correct, up to date and in a way that I understand’**

**local feedback survey

Get in touch

To contact us about your own care and support, call Social Care Direct on 020 8359 5000 or email

To have your say and help shape adult social care services in Barnet, email