Information for residents in the event of a major incident

Every effort will be made to keep the public informed via various media during a major incident. The police, government and the council will all have information for the public.

The quickest way to spread information is via the radio or TV, so you should switch them on at the first opportunity. Radio users should keep enough batteries in case of a power cut.

The message is clear - go in, stay in, tune in to your radio or turn on your television. Make sure you also keep checking our website for regular updates.

Listen out for loudhailers in the streets - local announcements from the police or council officers may be made in this way. Respond promptly to all directions from local authorities.

Plan where to meet your family if you are away from your home and a disaster occurs in your area.

Decide on two relatives or friends in different areas and not immediately local to you, who would be happy for you to use their homes as a meeting point. This means you have an alternative if one is away or their home is not accessible.

Identify the best evacuation route from your house and ensure that it remains free of obstacles that may prevent you leaving quickly and easily.