Emergency planning in Barnet

If you are looking for an emergency contact within the council, please visit our contact Barnet Council page

What is an emergency?

An emergency is an event that threatens human welfare or the environment, or a major security threat such as war or terrorism. Emergencies and disasters can strike at any time. Barnet's residents and business could be severely affected by a major fire or flood, severe weather such as heavy snow or a heatwave, or a prolonged utility services failure.

Events may also result in damage or a threat of damage to homes and businesses where evacuation may be required, or conversely where people may be required to remain indoors for an extended period.

Emergency planning

Emergency Planning is the general term for the work that the government, the emergency services, health services and the local authorities all do to prepare for dealing with any emergency that might affect large numbers of people.

Assessing the risks of emergencies, planning for major incidents, advising and warning the public, and putting a strategy in place to ensure business continuity are the duties the council has under the Civil Contingencies Act. Barnet is one of the largest boroughs in the country, therefore a comprehensive structure of support for residents and businesses in the event of an emergency is vital.

Barnet Council works closely with its partners in the North Central Resilience Forum, which consists of representatives from the emergency services, health services, other local government and volunteer agencies such as the British Red Cross. The forum works together to share information and be consistent in emergency responses.

Role of the local authority

  • the council provides support to the emergency services
  • it provides support and care for the local and wider community
  • it uses all available resources to reduce the effects of an emergency
  • it helps co-ordinate responses from agencies other than the emergency services

What do we provide in an emergency in Barnet?

  • technical and engineering advice
  • building control
  • highways services
  • plant equipment
  • public health and environmental services
  • waste management
  • social services
  • rest centres
  • transport

Always call the emergency services on 999 to report an emergency.