Admission to schools that start in year 10

University Technology Colleges (UTCs) or Studio Schools are types of schools that admit pupils at the beginning of Year 10. 

These schools offer education and training which can lead to useful qualifications and progression to further learning, apprenticeship or employment.

University Technical Colleges (UTCs) are set up by universities and business and specialise in one or two technical subjects like engineering or construction. In years 10 and 11 they offer a similar GCSE curriculum to a typical secondary school, including English and Mathematics, as well as their specialist subject. You can find out more at 

Studio Schools are similar to UTCs in that they have employer involvement in the curriculum and focus on developing skills needed for employment, involving personal coaching and work experience. They have a similar curriculum to a typical secondary school.

There are currently no university technical colleges (UTCs) or studio schools in Barnet.

Applying for a place at a UTC or Studio School

The application process for these schools starts on 1 September while your child is in Year 9 and the closing date for most 'on-time' applications will be 31 October. However you should check on the individual college / school website for more information about the application process.

Further details on these schools, the application process and a list of 14 to 19 can be found in the Secondary Admissions Guide (PDF 5.7 MB)