Admission arrangements

All schools have admission arrangements which set out how children will be admitted.

This includes the admissions criteria that is used if there are more applications than school places available. 

Admission arrangements are determined yearly by admission authorities. In Barnet, Barnet Council is the admissions authority for all community schools.

Admission arrangements for Barnet community schools

Determined Admission Arrangements for Barnet Community Schools 2025 to 2026 (PDF, 511KB)

Admission arrangements for voluntary, foundation schools and academies in Barnet

The admission authority for voluntary aided schools, foundation schools and academies is the governing body of that individual school.

The determined arrangements for these schools are available on the individual school websites.

Making an objection 

Any person or body who considers any maintained school or academy’s determined arrangements are unlawful or not in compliance with the school admissions code or law relating to admissions can make an objection to the schools adjudicator.

For further information on how to make an objection, please visit the Office of the Schools Adjudicator