Child employment and work permits

Having a part time job can be a rewarding and valuable experience for children. 

However, it's illegal for any child of statutory school age to have a job without a work permit.  This is because there is legislation that ensures that children in employment are not exploited, are employed safely in suitable roles and that their education and health do not suffer.  

The jobs that children can legally do are restricted by Child Employment Laws.  Barnet ensures that legislation and guidance is adhered to through the work permit system and we are responsible for issuing work permits for children working in part time jobs.  

Child Work permit: how to apply

The employer applies for the permit on behalf of the child through the Education Welfare Team. Download a work permit application form or request the form to be sent to you to complete and return via email or post.

If there's no issues with the application with regards to the law and regulations, the permit will be issued.

Where to send an application

Applications should be sent to

For further information, please contact the Education Welfare Team – Child Licensing direct line on 0208 359 5290 or the general number 0208 359 7684.