Time banded collections for households

Households in time banded areas will need to put their recycling and waste out in sacks for collection rather than using bins, within specific time slots. If you live in a time banded area, you will have clear sacks for recycling and purple sacks for general refuse available to you. Your sack collections will take place shortly after the end of each time band period for your area.

We are bringing in time banded collections to ensure that:

  • street cleanliness improves and our town centres are cleaner and greener places to live, work and shop
  • illegal tipping decreases
  • there are fewer obstructions on roads or pavements.

There are a few simple things you need to do to ensure you comply with time banded collections:

If you live in a time banded area, we will deliver a supply of free sacks to your property. We will provide you with a supply of 26 purple refuse sacks to last for each three month period. It is your responsibility to ensure that these sacks last for each three month period. 

By making full use of your recycling service, your supply of purple refuse sacks will last longer.

Clear recycling sacks can be requested by completing the form under the ‘Household recycling and waste’ option from the first drop down menu, then choosing the ‘Time banding request recycling sacks’ option from the second drop down menu.

The collection point for your recycling and refuse sacks should be on the street where it meets the edge of your property on your collection days. 

  • Put out your recycling and waste in the correct time band – please refer to the below to find the time band for your area.
  • Use the correct sacks – clear for recycling, purple for refuse.
  • Only put out full sacks for collection.
  • Recycling and refuse sacks must be put in the same collection point but in separate piles.
  • Tie all sacks securely closed.

Note: You may receive a fine or face prosecution if you put your recycling and waste out for collection outside these times. Our Enforcement Team will be monitoring the streets to ensure that waste is put out and collected correctly.

Time banded areas

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