Local land charges

A local land charge is a restriction on a piece of land or property that can limit its use or bind the owner to a payment of a sum of money. Charges can include:

  • planning decisions
  • road agreements
  • tree preservation orders
  • conservation areas and listed buildings notices
  • environmental health notices
  • charges or objections made against previous owners

We are able to collect information from different departments including planning and building control and bring it together to form a local authority search.

Types of search

An official local authority search is made up of two types of searches:

Local Land Charges search (Form LLC1)

This is a search of the local land charges register.  It shows any charges affecting the land or property, such as planning decisions and tree preservation orders, and details of money owed to us by previous owners.

Contact your local solicitor or the Law Society to obtain forms LLC1 and CON29.

Local authority search (Form CON29 R and O)

CON29 contains supplementary enquiries on Planning, Highways, Building Regulations, drainage and other matters of interest to home buyers. The form is in two parts: CON29 (R) contains the standard enquiries; CON29 (O) contains some additional optional enquiries.

Submitting a full search 

Online: from the National Land Information Service or TM Group websites.

By email: Scan and send the LLC1, CON29 and a 1:1250 location plan with the property clearly marked and two visible road names. 

How to pay

Once you have emailed us the search forms and plan we will then call you to take payment over the phone by card.

We cannot accept BACS bank transfers or cheques. Note that payments by American Express are not accepted.

Contact Us

Email or call 0208 359 5591.