Get blue badges for your organisation

A Blue Badge may be issued to organisations that care for and transport disabled people who meet the eligibility criteria for a Blue Badge.

If a number of people in the organisation are eligible for a Blue Badge then it would be more appropriate for those persons to apply for their own Blue Badges.

Organisation Badges will only be issued to an organisation which both:

  • cares for and transports disabled persons who meet one or more of the eligibility criteria for an individual Blue Badge
  • has a clear need for an organisation Blue Badge rather than using personal Blue Badges of the people it transports

In all circumstances, Blue Badges will be supplied to organisations or departments (for example, a social services department) rather than to individual staff members.

Employees of an organisation must only use the Blue Badge to transport disabled people in their care who meet one or more of the Blue Badge’s eligibility criteria.

If employees use the Blue Badge for parking concessions when there are no passengers in the vehicle who are eligible for a Blue Badge, they’ll face a fine of up to £1,000.

Apply for an organisation Blue Badge

If you are an organisation that transports people that need a Blue Badge you can apply online at GOV.UK

Or download and complete the application form below:

Organisation Blue Badge Application (PDF 137 KB)