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Welcome to the School Libraries Resources Service. We are a subscription service that supports reading and learning by loaning books and a wide range of resources to schools.

We are currently processing requests for topic boxes of books, artefacts, story sacks, role play resources and guided reading sets. 

Submit your loan requests online and we will deliver them the first week of the Autumn term.

If you need advice and support on using classroom texts, running your school library, purchasing books or delivering outstanding storytelling sessions, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

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Resources available to borrow

We curate termly and half termly topic and fiction loans to support the delivery of the national curriculum in the classroom.


Windrush themed children's book covers

We have an extensive stock of books including:

  • fiction
  • non-fiction
  • dual language
  • dyslexia friendly
  • braille
  • audiobooks
  • author boxes
  • graphic novels
  • guided reading sets from EYFS to KS2.

We are passionate about the book stock we select, we want children to be excited and engaged by the books they receive. We are particularly enthusiastic about picture books and the wide variety of uses that they have in terms of developing visual literacy and early critical thinking.

Guided reading sets

SLRS Guided Reading Sets

One of our most popular resources, we now have over 100 guided reading sets to choose from. 

We are continually updating our guided reading collection as demand from teachers is growing rapidly. Each collection consists of 15 books and many have been bought to satisfy teacher requests.


SLRS Artefacts

We have a rich and diverse collection of artefacts. 

There are thousands of objects available to borrow covering all areas of the curriculum, from history and science to mental health.

We are continually improving and updating our collection in order to support the changing demands of the curriculum. 

Story sacks

Story Sacks






Our newly updated story sack collection reflects both the ongoing popularity of traditional tales and also well known stories from today’s most popular authors for Under 5s.

We believe that the use of our carefully chosen props, can consciously transform the act of storytelling into a dynamic experience for children in the classroom.

Our latest selection of story sacks are part of our Healthy and Happy resources for EYFS to KS2, created to support children’s well being. 

Art prints, posters and DVD resource packs

We have a substantial collection of prints, posters and resource packs available to borrow.

School Libraries Resources Service Special Loans Catalogue 2023/24

Check out our updated Special Loans Catalogue, which lists the huge range of specialist resources we have available to borrow.

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The UK Reading Road Map

Reading Road Map logo

The UK Reading Road Map is a reading scheme designed to encourage children to read for pleasure and as a tool for children, parents and educators to recommend a wide range of newly published authors and genres. 

We are delighted to offer this reading for pleasure scheme to all primary schools in Barnet and at a significantly discounted rate to our subscribing schools.

Aim of the United Kingdom Reading Road Map:

  • to promote reading for pleasure across schools nationally
  • to raise SAT’s levels across our schools
  • to engage reluctant readers
  • to challenge our more able readers
  • to assist teachers and children by signposting them to new authors.

There are four Reading Road Maps available for Barnet schools to purchase:

  • Adventure Reading Map (this map targets parents and Carers reading to their children in Years 1 and 2) (30 titles)
  • United Kingdom Reading Road Map for Years 3 and 4 (40 titles)
  • Barnet Reading Road Map for Years 5 and 6 (60 titles)
  • The UK Reading Road Map for years 7 and 8 (35 titles)

Training and Support

We offer advice and support on setting up or revamping your school library, book corners or reading areas. This can include selecting high quality non-fiction and fiction on your behalf. In addition, our subscribing schools are entitled to purchase books through our supplier at a substantial discount.

We offer a range of workshops throughout the year, including exploring the use of artefacts in the classroom.

For more information on the service and our current fees and charges, email Schools Libraries Resources Service or telephone 0208 359 3931 for an informal chat and to arrange a visit to our premises.