Landlords and pests

Tenants should keep their homes clean and in a way which would not encourage pests to infest their home.

Landlords should ensure that properties are in a good state of repair to ensure that pests, for example rats, cannot enter.

Re pest control services

If an infestation occurs, Barnet Council provide a chargeable pest control service for use by landlords, tenants and housing associations. Find out more on the pest control services webpage.

Landlords and agents with licensed Houses in Multiple Occupation  (HMOs) can apply for a 20% discount on all pest treatments from Re or 20% off the price of an annual monitoring and treatment contract.

All discounts apply for the duration of the licence period. Call 020 8359 7799 and quote your licence number to secure your discount.

Landlords with licensed HMOs in Barnet and additional properties outside the borough should also enquire to see if these fall into the discount catchment area.

All prices are available on the pest control webpage

The Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949 requires land owner/occupier to keep their land free from rats and mice. The Environmental Health Service is able to take enforcement action against a person failing to comply with the legislation.