We don't investigate complaints of mice outside but we're able to investigate complaints about mice inside premises.

The house mouse weighs around 30g and is about 9cm in length not including its tail. Mice carry diseases and infections and may cause damage to health and property.


How to tell if you have mice

Mouse droppings look like rice grains in shape and size, 5mm and the colour of droppings ranges from light brown to almost black. Droppings are normally found randomly throughout an infested property; on worktops and in food.

  • Noises – scrabbling scratching sounds heard normally at night in ceilings under floors and in cavity walls can suggest an infestation.
  • Smear marks – Greasy brown marks left on surfaces or walls are left from the oils found on the coat of the mouse.
  • Gnawing / Chewing – mice teeth are constantly growing which means they need to chew to keep them in check. Defective wiring can sometimes suggest a mouse infestation.
  • Smell – when mice are present you often get a musty smell.

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