Work at an election

Are you interested in helping us run local and national elections? Each year we employ hundreds of staff to ensure elections run smoothly. 

We're always looking for new motivated and dynamic staff to fill any vacancies that may occur, and we would love to hear from you if you are interested in becoming involved.

Minimum Requirements

To undertake election or canvassing duties you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be entitled to work in the UK (in accordance with the provisions of the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996)

Polling and count staff must not work on behalf of a candidate during an election campaign, nor be related to a prospective candidate.

Jobs available

Polling station staff

The polling station staff are responsible for the conduct of the ballot in each polling station.  On election day polling station staff are required to work from 6am until after 10pm without leaving the polling station.

Counting staff

Counting staff are employed to count the votes either overnight following the election or the day after.  This role requires high levels of concentration and accuracy.

Postal votes staff

Staff are employed to issue and open postal votes - this usually takes place during the daytime plus a last session in the evening at the close of poll.

Canvass staff

Each autumn canvassers are employed to make personal visits to properties where the occupants have not responded to the annual canvass form.  This is to ensure that all eligible residents are registered.

Rates of Pay

The rates of pay for election staff vary depending on the job role and the type of election. The amounts will be confirmed prior to an election.

In the run-up to an election, we will write to all registered on the staff portal requesting availability for specific jobs, however indicating that you're available to work does not guarantee appointment. If you're allocated a role, you will be contacted directly with a job offer and contract. 

For each election, the Returning Officer appoints polling and counting staff, and some staff for other duties for example clerks for the issue and opening postal votes. 


To apply for any of the listed roles download and complete the application form below:

Please mail the completed form to