Markets and events

What we can offer:

  • We can help Town Teams explore the possibility of setting up a new street market, by giving them information and connecting them with other areas that have established successful markets for them to learn from
  • Where Town Teams want to hold local events on the high street, we can provide information and, where appropriate, support them to make these a success including helping them to navigate the licensing and approval system
  • We will work with Town Teams to identify under-utilised spaces around the town centre that could be used for testing new markets or street trading opportunities
  • We want to work alongside local traders and businesses to see an increase in constructive use of the public walkway. e.g. for café tables and chairs, or outdoor displays. Assisting those businesses that wish to utilise this whilst improving the experience and safety of shoppers and local residents

Help and support

Visit our pages on street licensing and events licensing for information on how to:

  • express an interest in running an event that requires a Temporary Events Notice
  • get assistance in applications for licences for markets or other methods of street trading
  • discuss ideas about possible events that could be organised with partners to optimise and revitalise street trading


If you have any other queries, contact us  at so we can direct you to the relevant person within the council.

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